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VM-Series I Vertical multi-stage pumps

The vertical multi-stage pumps of Swiss Pump are powered by standard electric motors. The pump unit consists of optimized hydraulics, various types of connections, an outer sleeve, a pump head and various other parts. The in-line construction provides a more compact design and easier installation. All pumps are equipped with a mechanical shaft seal of the detachable cartridge type. They are available with various stages and capacities to provide customers a choice of models for different applications.

Operating limits:

50 Hz
- Capacity: max. 150m3/h
- Head: max. 325m
- Liquid temperature: -15°C to 120°C

60 Hz
- Capacity: max.150 m3/h
- Head: max. 270m
- Liquid temperature: -15°C to +120°C


- Industrial washing equipment
- Pressure boosting
- Filtration equipment
- General industry
- Auxiliary equipment
- Irrigation
- Water treatment
- Cooling and chillers
- Corrosive liquids
- Fire-fighting equipment
- Reverse osmosis
- Swimming pools

50 Hz Catalogue:

60 Hz Catalogue:

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