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UGK-Series I Coolant and condensate pumps

The UGK(N) series of Swiss Pump is non-self-priming, multi-stage, centrifugal pump mounted with standard motor. The motor shaft is connected directly to the pump shaft by a hitch. The pump can be equipped with an ÒintelligentÓ protector, which effectively protects the pump from dry rotation, overload etc. The installation depth pump can be adjusted to suit the situation.

Operating limits:

50 Hz
- Capacity: max. 22m3/h
- Head: max. 210m
- Liquid temperature: -15°C to +120°C


60 Hz
- Capacity: max. 28m3/h
- Head: max. 210m
- Liquid temperature: -15°C to +120°C


- Industrial cleaning equipment
- Processing centre
- Filtering system
- Cooling devises
- General industry
- Grinding machine

50 Hz Catalogue:

60 Hz Catalogue: